Tight Arizona Governor Race Fuels Controversy and Lawsuit

Arizona Governor Race 2020 – Follow Our New GA Senate Runoff Forecast!

The 2020 Arizona Governor Race was one of the tightest in the country. RacetotheWH was a top election forecaster, correctly calling the Democratic win months before the race ended in a runoff. Follow our new GA Senate Runoff forecast!

Defeated Republican candidate Kari Lake has filed a public records lawsuit against Maricopa County, demanding it hand over documents related to Election Day balloting. The board is set to certify the results on Monday.

Katie Hobbs

PHOENIX — As a Democrat running for governor in Arizona, Katie Hobbs needs to energize disengaged voters. She also needs to win over independents, and she must avoid a controversy like the one that plagued her Republican opponent Kari Lake during the campaign.

Lake’s relentless pursuit of false conspiracy theories shook the state, with her campaign arguing that voters had experienced long lines in Maricopa County and that some votes were uncounted. Her claim echoed Trump’s own bogus claims about election fraud in 2020, and it threw the midterm elections into disarray.

Fortunately, Democrats have another option in Katie Hobbs, who is a proven leader who understands the state’s toughest challenges and has a track record of delivering results. She grew up in a hardworking middle class family that knew the value of a dollar and the dignity of work, and she has spent her career helping people overcome hardship by finding solutions and taking action.

Kari Lake

Kari Lake is a former news anchor who has built a loyal following for her truth-seeking approach to politics. She believes in security through strength, energy independence, education not indoctrination and preserving Arizona’s western heritage. She opposes the radical Biden agenda and is a strong supporter of America First policies. She is the best choice to stand up for Arizona voters against an unholy alliance between cancel culture and big tech, higher education, and government.

PHOENIX — The state Supreme Court has revived part of Republican Kari Lake’s challenge to her loss in the governor’s race to Democrat Katie Hobbs. The court denied a request to dismiss a claim that election officials committed misconduct on Election Day by not recognizing ballots for people who voted in the wrong races or for those who voted too soon.

Defeated GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is assembling lawyers and collecting evidence that she says shows the Arizona governor’s race was rigged. But her claims are based on a number of false assertions.

Maricopa County

The governor of Arizona oversees the executive branch of the state and is responsible for proposing an annual budget, signing into law or vetoing bills passed by the Legislature, and issuing executive orders. The governor also appoints judges and members of the state Supreme Court and Board of Regents.

Democrat Katie Hobbs, the current state secretary of state who gained national attention defending the state’s election system against efforts to overturn President Joe Biden’s 2020 win, is running to replace term-limited Republican Gov. Doug Ducey. Hobbs is one of several candidates competing in the governor’s race.

Kari Lake, a former Fox 10 news anchor who is backed by Trump, is another prominent candidate in the race to become Arizona’s next governor. She has criticized the media and promoted conspiracy theories about election results, including claims that ballots were printed out of order in Maricopa County, where long lines disenfranchised voters. She also has endorsed the idea of deploying the National Guard at the border.

Arizona Secretary of State

The Arizona Secretary of State is an elected state executive position that oversees election administration, including certifying candidates, ballot measures and election results. The secretary also serves as keeper of the great seal and registers business partnerships and trademarks. He or she is a member of the executive department and receives an annual salary set by the state constitution.

Adrian Fontes (Democratic Party) is the current Arizona Secretary of State, having defeated Mark Finchem in the 2023 election. He is a former deputy Maricopa County Recorder and an attorney.

Abortion rights were a key issue in the governor race. Both Hobbs and Lake are pro-choice, but Hobbs pledged to uphold a prestatehood law banning abortion in cases of rape or incest and has vowed to use federal war powers to combat illegal drug trafficking. In contrast, Hamadeh promised to classify drug cartels as terrorists and use the military to secure the border. He has also endorsed the Trump agenda of tax cuts and deregulation.

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